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There are many similarities between going up a staircase and creating a website. For example, just like going up a staircase step by step brings you from the starting point to your goal, it is similar to building a website. Step by step from the initial idea, through  to conception and detailed planning, to implementation, to publicationand finally search engine optimization, a well-built staircase makes the climb easier.

Jörg Restorff, Website, Treppenmotiv. Foto: Architekturfotografie Von Braunen
Jörg Restorff, Website, Treppenmotiv. Foto: Sami/Pexels
Jörg Restorff, Website, Treppenmotiv. Foto: Johannes Plenio/Unsplash
“Obstacles and difficulties are steps on which we climb to the heights.”
Attributed to Friedrich Nietzsche

Websites That Work Well and Look Good

I am a web designer, journalist, art historian, and freelance web developer based in Berlin and near Düsseldorf. I enjoy working with a variety of clients, including artists, scientists, and small companies. As Joseph Beuys noted on a postcard in 1973, “Each movement must be precise.” With this in mind, I always strive to do my work precisely, paying close attention to details, without losing the big picture. That's what art is about. Being precise in each movement is my favorite occupation. Syntax and semantics are just as important to me as HTML and CSS.


The analysis is found at the beginning of every website. What should the website convey? What should it look like? Whom should it reach? Is it about the development of digital strategies? Communication with the target groups? The classification of one's own role in the overall digital structure is important to consider.

Content is not everything ...

... but without content everything is worthless. What good are beautiful photos and animations if the content is poor or hard to find? We therefore work together to formulate the message of the website. To-the-point texts are just as important as a clear page structure.


Nearly every professional has a website these days, but it is often outdated, no longer meeting technical standards. It often loads slowly and even contains out of date content. I thus help with the relaunch and provide better content with a contemporary look.


The Content Management System (CMS) WordPress is used for the implementation of the websites, and has now conquered a market share of more than 40 percent of the industry. It is thus one of the key tools I use in website development. The fact that the website is displayed perfectly on all mobile devices is just as necessary as careful search engine optimization (SEO).


The key to a successful internet presence requires a clear page navigation, legible fonts, appealing graphics, and precise text. They are the “red thread” that guides the way through the labyrinthine internet.


It's not uncommon for a website and a Wikipedia article to go hand in hand. After all, Wikipedia, as the internet encyclopedia, is one of the world's most visited websites. I thus offer help in creating and editing Wikipedia articles.


Mathilde Grünewald, Archeologist

Mathilde Grünewald is a German archeologist specializing in archeology of the Roman provinces. She lives in Worms.


Susanne Wollenweber, Psychotherapist, Berlin

In her behavioral therapy practice and supervision in Berlin-Schöneberg, Susanne Wollenweber focuses on treating adolescents and adults who have been diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder.


Tribute Page to the Berlin Blockade

This project contains a tribute page to the Berlin blockade. The blockade, which took place in 1948/1949, refers to when the Western Allies organized an airlift to carry supplies to West Berlin, but the mission was blocked by the Soviet Union.


Gabriele Riesner, Architect

Gabriele Riesner is a Berlin based architect with a project focus on the meticulous modernization of historical buildings located in Berlin and Brandenburg.


Mara Loytved-Hardegg, Artist

Mara Loytved-Hardegg lives and works as a freelance artist in Berlin. In her paintings, drawings and objects, she repeatedly addresses topics such as history and memory.


Kunstverlag Josef Fink

The publishing company, based in Lindenberg im Allgäu, specializes in booklets and books pertaining to art, monuments, culture, and religion.

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About Me

Treppe auf der Insel RügenTreppe auf der Insel RügenTreppe auf der Insel RügenTreppe auf der Insel Rügen
Fotos: Claudia Gschneidinger

Web Developer, Art Historian, Author, Proofreader

Study of art history, philosophy and archeology at university Münster. Doctorate on the baroque architect Johannes Seiz. Numerous publications on art, design and architecture.

Study of web development at ILS, Institut für Lernsysteme, Hamburg.


HTML, CSS, Sass, Bootstrap
JavaScript, React,
WordPress, PHP,
MySQL, MongoDB,


Reiner Seliger, Freiburg

It was quite a challenge to present the many different aspects of my work in an orderly, clear and well-designed manner. Jörg Restorff always implemented my special requests with patience and friendliness. Everything worked, thanks to his professionalism. All in all, a successful website! I am also already looking forward to a future, trustful cooperation.

Anke Ernst, Augsburg

Jörg implemented exactly what I wanted for my website - and he additionally advised me on technology and layout during the right moments of our collaboration. Thank you very much.

Christoph Funken, Leipzig/Willich

On behalf of Menger Engineering GmbH, Jörg Restorff wrote an article for a technical magazine. Despite, or perhaps because of, his lack of technical expertise, he succeeded in explaining specific contexts in an understandable and unique way.

Josef Fink, Lindenberg im Allgäu

The website and our online store are in good hands with Jörg Restorff. He also always handles the editing of Wikipedia articles related to our publications quickly and reliably.

Gabriele Riesner, Berlin

The cooperation with Jörg Restorff in the creation of my website was excellent. He is constructive, uncomplicated, fast and developed ideas for the implementation of all wishes, and also provided his own suggestions and improvements. I would design any new website with him again.

Mara Loytved-Hardegg, Berlin

Jörg Restorff created a very comprehensive, beautiful and clear website for me. He also responded to my special wishes and designed the visual aspect of an artist's website with empathy.

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